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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> that is the "overnight news for this monday. for this monday. from the cbs broadcacaca captioning funded by cbs it's monday, july 24th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." human trafficking tragedy in texas. nine people die in a sweltering trailer packed with people. and president trump makes another health care push. it could be overshadowed by the russia investigation. today jared kushner will be questioned by the senate intelligence committee. good morning from the studio
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57 newsroom at cbs stud owe headquarters in new york. i'm hena daniels in for anne-marie green. survivors of an immigrant smuggling say more than 100 people had been stuffed into the back of a sweltering tractor trailer found in texas. san antonio police found more than three dozen people inside. nine are dead. 17 are being treated for life-threatening injuries. the truck driver is expected to be charged this morning. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: a san antonio community gathered to mourn the lives of at least nine people who were traveling inside a tractor trailer found in a walmart parking lot. others are being treated. police believe they uncovered a human trafficking ring. >> our paramedics and firefighters found each one had heart rates, over 130 beats per minute, which, again, they were
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very hot to the touch. so these people were in the trailer without any kind of water. you're looking at a lot of heatstroke, a lot of dehydration. >> reporter: police found at least 39 people, many in their 20s and 30s inside a trailer that had no air conditioning. the temp had soared to over 100 degrees by day and remained in the 90s at night. >> it's really heartbreaking for people to be left up there to die. >> authorities received a tip from a walmart employee. >> he was approached by someone from that truck asking for water. >> reporter: they're searching for more who are believed to be undocumented immigrants who escaped the trailer on foot and in cars. >> checking the video from the store, we found that there were a number of vehicles that call in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip. >> reporter: the victims are believed to have died from heat exposure and asphyxiation. authorities say the driver of the truck is in custody and will
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be charged. danielle nottingham, cbs news. in washington, health care and relations with russia dominate headlines this morning. the house is expected to vote this week on a bill imposing new sanctions against russia. the white house says president trump will sign it, and as the senate prepares to vote on some sort of health care measure, president trump issued a veiled threat to fellow republicans. nola lenghi is in washington with all the details. good morning, nola. >> good morning, hena. his lack of frustration with problems surfaced on twitter urging fellow republicans to get something done. but it's still unclear exactly how the gop effort will end. president trump issued a warning sunday evening to the gop, tweeting if the republicans don't repeat and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. the senate is expected to vote this week on a republican
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health care bill, although, some lawmakers say they haven't decided whether they'll replace obamacare or just repeal it. >> i don't think that's a good approach facing legislation that affects millions of people and one-sixth f our economy. >> continuation is expected to pass new sanctions on russia. >> the administration is supportive of being tough on russia, particularly in putting these sanctions in place. >> the president's new communications director said mr. trump has acknowledged over the weekend presidential pardons. >> i've been in the office of the oval office last week. we're talking about that. >> pardons have not been discussed and pardons are not on the table. >> they've also agreed to talk with federal investigators. in another tweet the president says they don't have his back, saying, it's very bad that the
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republicans, even some who were carried on my back, are not doing something for the president. not clear what that meant. this came after the tweet phony russian investigation. hena in. >> mola lenghi in washington. thank you. today jared kushner, mr. trump's son-in-law and key adviser, testifies before the senate intelligence committee. mr. kushner is expected to face extensive questions over russia and the trump campaign. the session will be held behind closed doors. kushner did not disclose any meetings to or get government clearance. he has revised those forms several times. israel says it will not remove the metal detectors it has installed outside a major jerusalem mosque. the metal detectors were installed after two israeli police officers were shot two weeks ago. they triggered some of the bloodiest violence between itz raleys and palestinians in
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years. the violence has spread to the west bank where three israelis and four palestinians were killed over the weekend. today the u.n. security council takes up the issue. recovery efforts are under way in northern kentky after severe weekend flooding. a state of emergency has been declared in mason county near the ohio border. the high water was even too much for a bus. more than a dozen people had to be rescued from cars and mobile homes early sunday morning. >> you've seen there's evidence of, you know, more cars piled up like lincoln logs, you know, like toys. and as you can see here, i mean this is -- we've never -- this is epic for us. we've never had anything like this. >> the fast-moving water washed away home foundations and knocked out power. out trouble power. out west . out west the trouble is yoet
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breaks of fire that fueled a fire. mireya villarreal has our report. >> reporter: firefighters brought in waterlines from backyards. >> it started. it just now started. >> reporter: homeowners hosed down their property as the blaze rolled down the foothills of the san bernardino mountains. it's the third fire they've had to target in east los angeles this month. several fires erupted across the west on saturday including one in washington and another in colorado. back in california we hiked along with chief ken kremensky and his firefighters on the front lines of the detweiler fire, which devoured at least 76,000 acres. this is still an important part of fighting the fire, even though the flames are out. >> right, exactly. a big gust of wind and it ignites on the other side in the green and continue to race on.
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>> reporter: evacuation orders were recently lifted in the town of mariposa, allowing some firefighters to return home, but the detwiler fire did burn close to 60 homes. park firefighter nancy filipe. >> it is a big one. we in past years also had something near yosemite, in yosemite, around yosemite. it's just a very unpredictable thing. >> reporter: picture efing parts of the park have left a lingering reminder of how devastates these fires can be. mireya villarreal, cbs news, california. in kentucky, a christian fundamentalist group is trying to close the only abortion click in. the surgery center is located in downtown louisville.
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if it closes, kentucky would become the first state in the country without an abortion provider. the protesters plan to picket the clinic and the doctor's home. last week a federal judge ordered that a buffer zone be established around the clinic. >> there's a new police chief in minneapolis, medaria arradondo. a 28-year veteran was named chief after a woman was shot and killed by police. janee harteau resigned friday night. the mayor said she has lost faith in harteau. justine damond was shot and killed when she approached a police car. coming up on the "morning news," a new princess diana documentary 20 years after her death.
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a computer generated great white outswims michael phelps. the olympic champ swam 100 meters, but was two seconds slower than the shark. phelps said he did it so he and the public could learn more about the species. there are new revelations about princess diana in an upcoming documentary, and an american student in china is freed. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the "missoulian" reports that a montana student was freed today after being held for a week in central china. guthrie mclean was accused of injuring a taxi driver during a dispute over the fare. the student said the cabbie was
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roughing up his mother in china. the teen will not be charged. the "sacramento bee" reports a california college student survived a deadly virus that kills more than a third who are infected. spencer fry contracted hantavirus? it's horrible for anybody who watches their child suffer like that and you can't help them. it tears you up. >> fry's father said a cleanup by park workers may have erased evidence of rodents that carried the virus. the sons of princess diynni regret their rushed final phone call with their mother. they recall the shock of her death. next month will mark 20 years since diana's death in a paris car crash. "usa today" has a photo of
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john mccain posted by his daughter after diagnosed with brain cancer. meghan mccain tweet thad she took a hike with him over the weekend in arizona. it was revealed last week that the 80-year-old senator has a brain tumor. and "the boston globe" reports that old ironside is back in the water. the "uss constitution" was refloated in boston harbor last night after more than two years of restoration work. it's the oldest commission of a float dating back to the late 1700s. coming up, a victory that was in the cards. we'll meet the rookie who won more than $8 million in the world series of poker. e than $8 million in the world series of poker. for a healthier mouth and a clean you can feel! try colgate total advanced health mouthwash. how dixie ultra plates?roved with two pounds of steak.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. scott blumstein of new jersey is dealt a 2 he needed to take home $8 million. he won the texas hold 'em event during the world series of poker in las vegas. blumstein was a first time entrance who sharpened his game
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online. on this "cbs mon new emissions scandal. roxana saberi is at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning, roxana. >> good morning, hena. oil prices are holding steady so far this morning as traders wait for the outcome of the opec meeting in st. petersburg. they're expected to address compliance with production limits and may make deeper cuts. they may address cuts. traders on wall street will also be watching today's opec meeting. the dow ended up 58 points the s&p gained 13 points, and the nasdaq finished 73 points higher. automaker bmw is denying reports that its emissions systems don't work effectively and it colluded with rivals on their design. the german magazine "der spie l
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spiegel" reported friday that bmw, voeks wag wagon, and daimler may have fixed it. anti-trust regulators are investigating the allegations. "dunkirk" topped the box office over the weekend. >> there are over 400,000 men on this beach. >> the movie sold an estimated $60.5 million in ticket its debut weekend. audiences were 60% male. and 76% over the age of 25. the buddy comedy "girls trip" debuted in second followed by "spider-man." >> 76% men that. doesn't shock me. >> i still want to see it. >> i do too. it's getting great reviews. roxana is live at the new york stock exchange. thank you. still ahead, tears of joy. a little boy's overcome with emotion as his step mom reads her vows. it dries almost instantly. mom reads her vows. mom reads her vows. good thing because stopping never crosses your mind.
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band-aid® brand. stick with it™ if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer from a couple of cattle ranches. president trump's son-in-law is set to testify before lawmakers looking into russian interference in the 2016 election -- as the president steps up the pressure on g-o-p
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senators to pass a new healthcare bill. plus, we'll introduce you to the bay area chef known as "the julia child of weed"... join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's monday, july 24th. here's a look
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. alligators usually turn up only as shoes among the stylish visitors to miami's glitzy south beach. but yesterday a 6-footer turned up near a jetty. no one was hurt as the gator was capture and taken to a more fitting home. golf fans are starting to believe jordan spieth will become one of the game's all-time greats. the 23-year-old texan staged a remarkable rally yesterday to win the british open. he beat matt kuchar by three shots for his third major championship. spieth said he was inspired by his caddie, michael greller.
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>> his belief, when i know him so well, just fed over a little bit. all i needed was a little bit of self-belief. >> a win next month in the pga championship would give spieth a rare sweep of this season's majors. chris froome, it seems, will always have paris. the british cyclist zoomed in to the city yesterday and won his fourth tour de france title. he credited his team skymates for helping in the grueling three-week race, that covers more than 2,100 miles. the son of a marine from pennsylvania knows it's okay to cry at weddings even though he's only 4. >> i'll try my hardest to be a good person. don't cry. >> the boy calms down whens he eucon forted by his new step-mom. they're from new jersey but
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based in erie. he's still on active duty, so the honeymoon will have to wait. we'll take you underground where a project has unearthed a treasure trove of fossils. i'm hena daniels. this is the "cbs morning news." treasure trove of fossils. i'm hena daniels. this is the "cbs morning news." first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely... choose luvs than first time moms. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies... ...snug & dry, for outstanding overnight protection at... ...a fraction of the cost live, learn, and get luvs. bmilk and fresh cream,a. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm!
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. our top stories this morning, at least nine people who were crammed into a sweltering tractor trailer died. the trailer apparently used for human trafficking was found outside a walmart in san antonio, texas. more than three dozen were in the trailer suffering from dehydration and heatstroke. 17 have life-threatening injuries. the truck driver is expected to be charged today. and the white house says president trump will sign a new bill imposing sanctions against russia. the house will take up the legislation. today mr. trump will speak about health care. yesterday he warned republicans of repercussions if they don't pass a health care bill. in medical new a girl in arkansas is making a remarkable
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recovery after suffering major brain damage last year. don champion has her story. >> reporter: with every step and every word, eden carlson is defying the odds. the 3-year-old nearly drowned in a swimming pool last year. emergency crews perform 100 minutes of cpr to bring her back, but eden suffered brain damage, and he parents were told she would remain in a vegetative state. >> it was completely devastating. we were so heartbroken. >> reporter: determined to find treatment options, they found dr. paul harch who specializes in hyperbaric treatment. she started treatment and started to improve almost immediately. >> she could speak and start to say mama. >> reporter: the next, a hyperbaric chamber.
4:27 am
>> this is a massive wound to her brain. we are stimulating growth of tissue, inhibiting inflammation, and stopping cell death. >> reporter: these before-and-after mri scans show a startling regrowth of tissue. >> the white on the outside of the brain now is much, much smaller, meaning the crevices have filled in, which can only be due to brain growth. >> reporter: dr. harch said eden's brain damage has been reversed. >> by the time we were done, she was walking, talking, her mom felt she was cognitively back to normal. >> reporter: her family has been documented her progress online and has a message for other parents. >> we're just so thrilled that the word is getting out about it so other children can be helped. >> reporter: the carlsons say their daughter's recovery is nothing short of a miracle. don champion, cbs news, fayetteville, arkansas. coming up on "cbs this
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morning," an update on the investigation of the murder of nicole brown simpson as o.j. gets ready to leave prison. and a look at diet and how it can fights the signs of multiple sclerosis. and -- >> reporter: i'm four stories down in the middle of los angeles where they've unearthed a treasure trove of fossils. everything from a mammoth skull to a mastodon. we're going to give you a peek into the past coming up on "cbs this morning." >> that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm hena daniels. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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i'm kenny choi. thanks for waking up with us as we start the week. a live look at sfo this morning. it is monday, july 24. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm in for michelle griego.
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it's just about 4:30. we're all ready to start a work week. >> let's do it. >> like it or not, here we are. >> it's reality. >> monday. >> i was thinking, if this is the 24th, is this is the last monday of july -- >> i believe we have the 31st. >> how is that whole saying -- one more, i'm being told. >> one more. t >> the tough question at 4:30, a bit much. is it fahrenheit or celsius? let's look outside right now, overcast conditions. >> fahrenheit in the u.s. >> going to work to get some rest. 61 in san jose and good morning, everybody, 54 santa rosa. boss, that was a joke -- not a funny one, but it was. 18-mile-per-hour wind in the fairfield area and will be breezy today but put your hands together because it will be cooler in


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